Tossed the daughter out the door at 6:55 this morning. Son is working until at least 11:00. Nobody home but me, the cats, a Labrador, and a giant white board outline of book number three! Been waiting all of Christmas break to get my fingers back on the keyboard and start creating.

It’s been back there, whispering in my ear, cuddling up in my brain, waiting for me to have the UNINTERRUPTED time to pat the seat next to me and invite this manuscript into the world. What’s funny is how much I want to start and how I also kinda don’t. I really enjoy the breathless first date feeling of an idea that’s ready to go. It’s perfect.

Then comes the writing and all the work begins.  It’s a joy to watch the word count rise; to discover the things about my characters that I didn’t know — but they knew. All of that is gold.

But that first skip of the heart, that first sly glance across the room — it only comes once. Today is that day for book three, and I’m gonna savor every second.