I knew it would be challenging; that I would be digging deep and rewriting to the Nth degree. Now that I’ve gotten the new query for HIDDEN UNDER THE MOON done and sent off for #FicFest, I have a few thoughts.

This was what hour six on the fourth version looked like:


Writing a query ranks somewhere between getting a pap smear and flossing your teeth. Not something I want to do, but one of those things I know is absolutely necessary. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though.

My mentor, Edith Lalonde, held my hand through the entire process of throwing everything out and starting over from scratch. I had everything wrong. The tense, the perspective, blah, blah, blah. Oh, it is mortifying to look at the old query I’d been sending out to agents. Shudder.

When the #Ficfest round starts July 8th, I hope I get some good feedback because the query has blood, sweat and not a few tears — okay, so the tears were from eye drops I was mainlining from staring at the laptop screen for too long, but you get the idea.