I’m Doing #AdPit today, putting HIDDEN UNDER THE MOON out there again.

I pulled it from querying for a while to give myself an opportunity to work on my second book without having to think about pitching.

All in all, I think our time apart did both of us some good. HIDDEN is my first child, the one who I have unrealistic expectations for. The one where I’m always looking over it’s shoulder and helicopter parenting all it’s choices (Yes, we do this, sorry first born son, I’m talking about you here).

I got to work on my second book and it has changed a lot of how I’m thinking about writing lately. Second book gets to eat the food it’s dropped on the floor and I don’t freak out if it isn’t getting straight A’s.

I took my changed view back to the first book and found a new opening that I like ever so much better. I didn’t change any of the plot or characters but I did polish sentences that were too clipped; I’d been running breathlessly ahead of words as they came pouring out the first time. I spent ten or so hours making first book lie down and try to relax.

HIDDEN UNDER THE MOON is so much better for the tiny tune up.

Thank you to Heidi Norrod & #Adpit for the hard work you put in to coordinating this pitch fest!