Took a few weeks off of heavy duty writing over the holiday break–I’m not good at getting work done when the kids are home and underfoot.

Organized and ready to go now.  The giant Post-it next to my work area is filling up with twitter contests, queries and deadlines.  Biggest news is my resolution for 2016, query 50 agents with my first book by July.

I have a feeling I’ll be running right up to the end of June with getting that done.

Also started my second novel yesterday, I’ve got that buzzy, new relationship feeling.  And like all new relationships, I can’t stop thinking about it. I even took a dry erase marker with me into the shower to jot down notes if something came to me. Word of advice, dry erase doesn’t work well in humidity. Now I’ve got shadowy blue words scrawled on the shower walls.




Scrapped the idea of having my main character be a trans-boy. After a lot of research and a heart-wrenchingly honest interview with a member of the PFLAG community, I came to the realization that given the situation I wanted to put the character in, the only resolution would be suicide. Body dymorphia is no joke, nothing to take lightly or underestimate. I thought I understood what could be lived with…I was wrong. Precisely why research is so very necessary.

Not all bad news there, I came up with an even better idea that fits with the themes I want to explore. I’ll share more when I get farther along in the story.