My three closest libraries may soon be putting up signs warning patrons to watch out for the strange lady loaded down with canvas bags filled with ALL the books. Is it new? Is it relevant to my work? Strong, kick ass female characters? Not all romancy? Hold up, I think I need to read that.

Thank God I read really fast.

For those of you who don’t know, Comp titles are a quick way to “show” someone what kind of book you’ve got. For example, I could say my novel is like THE STAND by Stephen King and GILMORE GIRLS…post apocalyptic destruction crossed with witty dialogue and girl power. This only works if you know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t read or seen either of these, the comparison was for nothing.

The titles have to be fairly current, not best sellers (cause ego much, comparing myself to that?) yet still popular.

No pressure.

I’m looking at it as a scavenger hunt. And a way to help meet my huge¬†Goodreads¬†book goal for the year.