First let me give you a little background.

#FicFest is an online writing contest which launched in April of 2016. This contest, like others, gives aspiring writers the opportunity to work with a mentor to improve their manuscript and query, and get it directly in front of agents and editors. Unlike most contests though, #FicFest accepts all five major categories of books (Picture Books, Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult), and it accepts ALL genres within these categories (including Erotica, PNR, and all others possible). The unique aspect to this contest is that no category will overpower another in the agent/editor round. Each category has the exact same number of manuscripts advancing to the agents/editors, and each category has the exact same number of alternates, giving each category a fair chance to earn agent/editor requests.

That blurb was written by #FicFest’s founder, Tiffany Hofmann about the contest that just finished up it’s finalist round on May 3rd. There was and is a ton of great community building going on at  #FicFest on Twitter–you should check it out.

And now for the unbelievable news…