Screamed the dust speck.

I finally had to make a chart to put next to my desk because I couldn’t keep track of all my internet responsibilities anymore. As a huge fan of lists and charts, I didn’t mind the making of a chart, all color coded and highlighted. That kind of activity makes my slightly less than type A personality very happy.

What boggles is that I need a list to remind me of Twitter and Linkedin and Tumblr and here and etc., etc. Because creating a story and writing it? That’s just the tiny, beginning portion.

Because without eyeballs, your eyeballs, I’m nothing.

Joined a few online writing groups and there is more complaining about this than I would have thought. And so much surprise.  At what a lot of work has to go into finding an audience.

The main thing having to make the chart has taught me, is that there are a lot of us out here, jumping up and down, screaming and waving our arms.