As an introvert it’s so easy to get trapped by the voices in my head.  To fall down the rabbit hole of only looking to myself for support and validation. It’s a tiny echo chamber that just isn’t enough. Luckily, there ARE communities of like minded crazies out there banging away on their keyboards in coffee shops and home offices, putting words together and sacrificing whatever it takes to win the getting published lottery.

I’ve found most of my people through Twitter writing contest support groups. We cheer each other on or hand out the tissues when that “dream agent” says, no thanks, it’s not you, it’s me. There is a lot of “no thanks” in submitting — just knowing I’m not the only person making wrong turns is immensely helpful. Meeting another mouse lost in the maze on the way to the cheese is sometimes the only thing that gets me back in front of the screen for more reading, editing, and revising.

Writers, you are not alone. Find your people. Put yourself out there. Get someone to help you kill the quit that lurks in the shadows.