The worst. WORST. Part of writing a book for me is coming up with a title. Even knowing it’s only a working title doesn’t take the soul crushing stress of trying to sum up thousands of words with only a few. My latest manuscript has undergone a change of name after both of my CP’s said: “EW! YUCK!” And “GAG ME WITH A TYPEWRITER” over the old title, One Mile Cough.

Did you know it’s possible to read almost the entire Roget’s Thesaurus? So many words.

I created so many potential titles that sounded like bad romance novels or teen angst. I have pages of embarrassing titles I would never be able to say to someone out loud.

I brainstormed until lightning came out my ears, texted my CP’s with the best of the worst ideas, tried NOT thinking about titles AND finally came up with something that I like that isn’t already a published title and doesn’t make me cringe to say out loud.