Doing a lot lately that I told myself I wouldn’t do. Stepping WAY outside the comfort zone. It good. Really.


via GIPH

Entered a manuscript into #PitchWars at the last minute. I’ve done it with other work for the past few years to mixed results. BUT this year, I’ve worked my ass off with this new book and I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it another try.

Also dreaming up a short story for a contest. Short stories are my nemesis. I don’t like the gotcha ending that some have. I suck at compressing all the action into a concise couple of pages. Creating a convincing character that pulls you in from the first sentence is hard. Then I read No More Stops by Kris Dinnison in the Spokesman review Summer Series and was inspired.

Brain Junk is coming along. We just recorded our 22 episode! That’s taking up a ton of my brain lately, but I’m loving it. The producing, the editing, the research and recording…it’s a fun ride.



And then there’s the PNWA conference in September. I’m so excited/nervous/excited. Included in the admission is a pitch block. I’ve never pitched live so I’m trying to pretend it’s like speed dating. If anyone else is going to be there, drop me a DM. We should get together!