Two of the MOST invaluable resources for figuring out who to online date–wait, I mean, query…Ahem.

Doesn’t it feel just a little like Tinder? Like this Agent? Swipe right. (Says the gal who never online dated ’cause I was hitched loooooong before there was any of that going on). Anyway. If you are going to hit the query trenches you can’t go wrong with using Query Shark and #MSWL.

Query Shark 

Wherein Janet Reid, a badass agent takes the time to cremate queries. Read the archives. All of them. She answers all the stupid questions and shows you how not to write a query by eviscerating hundreds of them. Read and learn.

Next up, polish that query till it shines then go check out #MSWL on Twitter. Every Wednesday agents post stuff they’ve thought of and/or stories they’d like to see. DO NOT QUERY ON #MSWL. Just don’t. Also, a lot of editors also post on the thread, write them down, but research to find out if they take unagented submissions. Most don’t.

If you aren’t into Twitter mining for agents, you can also search (click the link below).


You can use Manuscript Wishlist to surf for agents and editors and can get pretty specific with your search terms too. I looked up things like, Foodie, low fantasy, witches, and The Raven Cycle. All of these searches turned up agents who had added those things into their profile. Go there, use it.