Hey all, thought I’d give you a quick update about Taking Her Lead. Tomorrow is the last episode I’m recording as a co-host on the podcast. I’m posting here what I’m currently planning to say in the outro because it sums up what’s in my heart perfectly:

Today is my last episode. It has been an honor and a privilege to be able to speak with so many women and to hear their stories and be inspired by them. I have pages and pages of notes from things they’ve said and I’ve written highlights from their episodes in permanent marker all around my recording studio. I even have a quote from Jacklyn Osborne written on my microphone stand so I never forget her words…”Create allies through delivering on action”. Thanks to all of you who have shared your stories. I will never forget you.

Words can’t quite touch the experience of getting to share with listeners the lives of these strong women. It’s been an honor learning from all of you.

If you have any questions and want to reach out to me, please do. TraceKerrWrites@gmail.com