I wanted to spread the love I’ve got for the many Twitter communities that run a theme of the week writing prompt. If you haven’t stumbled over one of these yet: you should. Fall. And fall hard for the fun challenge of working on something different than what you are grinding on every day.

I’m gonna tell you about four of these in order of when they happen during the week; so Friday Phrases, don’t worry, you are last for no particular reason!


Is supposed to be lines from your current work in progress based on a theme of the day. I have the feeling that not all of the posts are WIP based–but that doesn’t really matter to me. Fun group, lots of participation and a great community to be a part of.

Some examples of the “fire” theme from this week:

From the amount of shy but longing gazes directed at it, the couch cushion between the two should have caught fire by now.

I try to reach her, but I’m Icarus now and she’s the sun. I’m a fool and I’m falling. The air reeks of burning feathers.


1lineWed is also wants you to use a line from your work in progress.  It is also supported by a romance group so some of the tweets are on the steamy side…not bad for a middle of the week pick up. Wink. Again, I don’t think every tweet is a WIP but, I do try to hold myself to that rule for this group.

Makes me go back through and see what I’ve written in a different way, helps when I’ve made things too wordy. 140 characters have no mercy.

This week’s theme was: Now

“I guess now’s a good time.” Kyle slides his chair closer to Ben. “When I said I didn’t date, I meant girls. I don’t date girls.”


Is my new favorite! You get three words and you HAVE to use them in your tweet. The challenge of incorporating the words in a way that isn’t easy or common is the best part of my Thursday! I also enjoy how so many people can take the same three words and create so many different stories.

This week was: Luck, Luscious, and Blarney. (for St. Paddy’s day don’t ya know). I didn’t do this theme, I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t crappy and contrived with blarney in it.

As he ate the luscious peach, I thanked my lucky stars I could watch him. ‘Twas better than his blarney.


Friday Phrases was my gateway drug into the theme ‘o the day writing. This group tweets on GMT so if you are in the states, you have the added bonus of getting to see the theme late on Thurs. The one word theme idea suggested by participants then selected by #FP and anything goes.

Today’s theme is: Ultimate Price

The ultimate price to pay for life is death. It’s quite simple really. “TO MY CRYOGENIC BOOTH IGOR! AND BRING THE CHILDREN!”

The ultimate price of love is loss.

The only thing to remember with #FP is that is also used as a foreign policy hashtag so you might have to dig for the writing tweets.

 Time to get writing!