Trace is a bisexual misfit mom of two who writes action packed magical stories that celebrate queer characters (and she’s ALL ABOUT happy endings).

If you love The Raven Cycle, The Last of Us, Lattes & Legends, The Magicians or anything by Terry Pratchett–you might like the kind of stories Trace creates.

When she’s not adding to her massive TBR pile, she produces and co-hosts the Brain Junk Podcast heard occasionally on public radio stations.

Trace lives a life of organized chaos in Spokane with a gardening crazed chemist, several chickens, and two grumpy cats.

Her first YA novel, THE NAMES WE TAKE, came out in 2020.

Email: tracekerrwrites@gmail.com or find her on Twitter as @teakerr, Insta as trace.kerr, and TikTok as @writekerr.