I don’t have that many yet.

Going on the theory that every time I spend an hour researching an agent and crafting a query that’s tailored just for them, that’s time well spent. Each time I hit send I’m taking another bottle of rejection off the wall and smashing it. Maybe this time my query will jump right out of the email and smack someone in the face.

Not in a mean way though.

I’ve been reading examples of queries that have managed to grab an agent’s eyeballs long enough to make an impression…

Yeah, kinda like that.

What the successful ones have is a singular voice. ┬áThe writer’s tone and spirit shines right out of the “paper”. Query takeaway for the day–what I’ve been working on–make the query sound like me; the weird, funny, interesting me that tells stories like a boss.

I think the reason why it’s said that a writer usually goes through so MANY rejections, is it takes 99 or 100 or 200 times to learn how to talk like yourself in a query and be authentic instead of ass kissing and desperate.