If I could live in only one season, it would be fall. Gloomy, fog filled mornings without a hint of the sun — days where the only color comes from brilliant leaves swirling heavily through damp air. My neighbors hate the way I let carpets of leaves linger on the ground. How is it possible to hate the crisp crinkle of kicking through dry leaves? Especially while coming up the driveway after visiting the mailbox and getting a handful of seed catalogs.

In Eastern Washington, our first frost is usually in late September. We often have snow by Halloween. This year we are ringing in the 31st of October with muscular rain and gray skies.

My daughter and I are the decorating team for house Kerr, due to the impending forecast we went Blair Witch. (Plans had been in the works to for a path down the entire cul-de-sac with chalk outlines of bodies and caution tape –thanks rain.)



As she is only twelve, my daughter hasn’t seen Blair Witch but we’ve talked about the creepy factor and when I showed her pictures of the stick figures she fell in love. Hours were spent collecting THE BEST sticks and tying them together. I’m hoping she doesn’t plan on bringing them inside and hanging the tiny pagan stick men from her ceiling…because I won’t be able to go in there ever again. *shudder*

Besides the great pumpkin carving wonderfulness that is the 31st, there are corn mazes, pumpkin doughnuts (drool), more leaves, local apple cider warm with whole cloves and knitting scarves. So many things that warm the introverted heart.

Except for that everything pumpkin spice thing. I don’t need chap stick that smells like I just did a nose dive into a pie.