Since the people that do it are probably not gonna come here, I’m venting in the corner. There may be jazz hands so back up.

When I say I’m a writer the first thing out of people’s mouths after “are you published?” and “I could never write a book/I’ve always wanted to write a book” is…are you in a writing group? My smile freezes on my face as I try to decide if I’m going to lie and say yes so that I won’t be offered a spot in Uncle Bob’s poetry short story group; or, will I say no, then find a way to graciously take Bob’s email.

Don’t misunderstand, writing groups in bookstore basements and online communities of support do a ton of good. They help you up when you feel lost and are a great place to find CP’s and editors and friends.

They are also a place where I often find the humble bragger. The person that makes me want to reach through the screen and punch them in the face. A lot.  I’m glad you got 9 favorites on your pitch–but you are having such a hard time choosing who you like. Should you send your work to them all?

PLEASE! *jazz hands* Pat yourself on the back any harder and you won’t be able to type.

Writing is solitary. It requires people who can dive deep into their heads and dig for gold. It also requires you to hold out your hard won gold in the light of day and hope somebody loves it as much as, or more than you do. I get that.

Dear humble bragger, stop holding out your gold and asking me over and over if I really, really like it.