My good friend, Amy Barton and I are fact addicts. We love deep dives into the esoteric world of ideas, surprising each other with weird tidbits and giggling like naughty twelve-year-olds when one of us uncovers something gross (giant whale farts) or sexy (exploding bee penises). The need to share our joy for all things you never knew you wanted to know boiled over last month and we FINALLY figured out how to bring our signature brand of wacky out into the world. We’re currently working on grinding out the first few episodes of our soon to be born podcast, Brain Junk!

With three to six topics based around a theme, each episode will be about twenty minutes of surprisingly interesting stuff dug out of our mental junk drawers. Currently being researched, dusted off and polished are: Your Weird Body, Animalia Parts 1 and 2, and Sounds Fake but True.

Can’t wait to fill your ear-holes!